Notary Public

Notary Public

Looking for a Notary Public to authorize your documents? Look no further! Cheralis Financial provides notary services in Dacula, Auburn, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Duluth and Buford. Notary public is a public official whose duty is to offer important certain numerous services to the legal, business, financial and real estate communities; this is achieved through certifying/ witnessing signatures being made on official documents.

At Cheralis Financial, we have the capacity to provide such services for commercial firms which are usually engaged in international trade, and also at individual level.

What we do;

• We are able to prepare and authenticate powers of attorneys to be used overseas

• We have experts who are able to deal with legal purchase or sale of land/ property abroad

• We authenticate foreign wills and provide documents to deal with the administration of the estates of people living abroad, or owning property abroad

• We also help in authenticating personal documents for purposes of immigration or emigration; can be related to marriage abroad, work abroad, overseas education or certain professional qualifications that require moving abroad.

• We have professionals who authenticate firm and business documents and transactions/ provide legal certifications concerning the status of a company or the identity of its directors.

What else do we offer?

Usually, our notaries act by providing certain kind of predefined services, however, they are also in a position to give the authentication and a secure record for almost any kind of transaction, document or event that needs to be authenticated.

As per the Legal Services Act, our Notaries are specifically authorized to carry out certain Reserved Activities and can perform any form of legal work save for the contentious matter that involve taking cases to court.

It is common to find that more than half of notaries are usually solicitors and also do their general legal work in that capacity. This means we will always work in accordance with the law and always make recommendations and positive refers that will in the end be of benefit to you. Cheralis Financial is the home of notary public services